4 Reasons Why Yoga is an Amazing Antidote to Your Workday

Yoga is the perfect corrective medicine for those long, frenzy-filled days you spend at the office. The hours of sitting, the compressed posture, and the corporate tension leave you fatigued at the end of the day.

But, when you look closer at the benefits of yoga, you’ll see that it does exactly the opposite of what office life does to you:

It provides movement after being sedentary.
Your body suffers when you sit for an entire work shift. In fact, research shows that sitting for prolonged periods every day has harmful effects on the body. Some experts even call sitting the new smoking. It’s clear from the research that we need to get up and move more during the day.

If you can sneak a yoga workout in at lunch or before or after work, you can counteract some of the detrimental effects of sitting all day. Sitting causes your metabolism and digestion to stall, while exercise kicks them into gear again. You might consider scheduling yoga sessions with a trainer during the day and taking mini hourly yoga breaks using some of the moves you learn.

It improves posture after being hunched over a computer
Office work leaves many of us with hunched shoulders, tight hip flexors, and weak cores. Yoga does the exact opposite. The moves in yoga improve your posture by strengthening back and core muscles and stretching the chest and hip flexors that get scrunched from sitting. A certified yoga instructor will be able to help you find perfect alignment and correct the imbalances that desk work creates.

It elongates and elasticizes muscles after they’ve become compressed and stiff.
If your line of work makes you come home feeling stiff, you’ll appreciate the expanded feeling you get after a good yoga session. You don’t have to be a physiologist to appreciate how yoga increases flexibility and muscle elasticity. Once the body gets warmed up and you start practicing inversions and backbends, you’ll feel your muscles stretching out and becoming more elastic. A regular yoga practice will transform you from that tight, overworked person to the gumby-like Zen master you always wanted to be.

It provides tension relief after a stressful day.
Work deadlines and expectations are no match for yoga. Yoga has long been known for its relaxation-inducing powers. From the deep breathing to the slow, methodical movements, yoga slows the overworked nervous system. Physically, it lowers heart rate and blood pressure. Emotionally, it lowers your stress threshold and uplifts your spirit. Yoga provides the perfect transition from work mode into relaxation mode.

EFS’s Om at Home program is a great way to do yoga in the comfort of your own home, where you can work out uninhibited, with the undivided attention of your trainer. You can also hire a trainer to come to your office, building more movement into your daily routine. You get to choose a time that’s good for you, rather than trying to squeeze a predetermined class into your busy schedule.

If you would like to shift toward a more serene, loosened version of yourself, give us a call (330-888-8103) or email us at info@efspersonaltraining.com to set up your first session.

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