5 Easy Ways To Stay Healthy At Work

This year EFS Personal Training has taken a focus on reaching the masses through Corporate Wellness. We stress the importance of leading a healthy lifestyle through resistance training, cardiovascular exercise & proper nutrition.

Often times, that’s quite a bit to think about on top of a job, kids, spending time with friends and family, the list goes on… plus trying to balance it all can get even more overwhelming! Although it is becoming a trend for many offices to now offer before work, lunch time or after work workout classes, but what happens the other hours of the day? Or if your office doesn’t have a gym on-site? Usually an 8+ hour day of sometimes never leaving your desk…

Here are 5 Easy Ways To Stay Healthy At Work:

1. Eat breakfast. Start your day on the right foot. Get nutrients into your body within an hour of waking up in order to boost your metabolism and aid in brain function (no this does not mean just 5 cups of coffee!).
2. Add in walk breaks. Get up and stretch your legs at the top of every hour for 5-10 minutes. The goal should be to reach 10,000 steps a day!
3. Drink more water. Water helps you to stay hydrated & rid the body of toxins. Skip the pop machine & head to the water fountain!
4. Take the stairs. Rather than taking the elevator from meeting to meeting, try the stairs next time!
5. Plan a team workout. Find an empty conference room and get together with a few co-workers to perform either body weight exercises or stretches to get you moving in the middle of the day.


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