Success Stories


Ellen G.

Start: Size 6
Current: Size 2

“I’ve been training with Jose Castillo of EFS just since this June, and it’s one of the smartest choices I could have made. I always thought I could reach my goals on my own; after all, I had worked out with a trainer many years ago and remembered all the exercises I did then. But like with so many people nowadays, I was jam packed with my hectic job, activities on the weekend, family commitments, etc., and so my own health and fitness took a back seat. Then in the last year, I signed on with a personal trainer from a local family gym and thought I finally got the show on the road. Wrong! I learned very quickly how important having the right trainer was. I knew I needed someone who was knowledgeable and could push me to my limits to help me get the results I wanted. I knew I needed much more.

Two of my dear friends have been clients with EFS for quite some time, and I would always hear them talking about their workouts. I could see how enthusiastic they were. I could actually see the results they were getting. So I finally contacted EFS and had a consultation. I won’t kid you – it’s more expensive than your local YMCA, but their rates are fair and consistent. So deep breath…..I signed up….and I love it! Here’s the thing – you can only start to get results when you start to work HARD!

My trainer Jose is so highly skilled, he understands what I need before I do. He knows exactly how hard he can push me, so although it’s a really tough workout, I feel like I’ve really accomplished something! I joined EFS with lots of aches and pains, but Jose relentlessly pursues exercises and movements that work those weak areas into strong ones. I’ve noticed just since June how much better I feel overall, and that motivates me to keep going!

If you’ve invested the money, the sweat and the time, you are much more likely to take your foods more seriously and make smarter choices. I’m eating much healthier, and I still get to enjoy my wine and even my favorite desserts once in a while! Jose has been my partner through everything. I had a short-term goal of losing about 10 or 12 pounds and gaining some muscle, and I’m thrilled to say I’ve lost 14 pounds and am stronger than ever. Seriously, you can get fit no matter where you are when you start. Just start!”

~ Ellen G. (Age 63)


Kate Kohn

“Jose is a phenomenal trainer (and person)! He has really changed my approach to health. He not only guides me through awesome workouts, but he helps me think about how to eat and work out on the days we aren’t training. He constantly checks up on me to see how I’m feeling and asks me how things are going after a tough workout or in preparation for a workout.

I’ve actually worked with several trainers and Jose is by far the best! I highly recommend him (and EFS) to anyone!”

~ Kate Kohn



“I started working out with EFS two months ago, working out two times a week. Since I shared the training sessions with my friend, it was cost effective plus I got a great result!

My trainer Tyler is great. I got much stronger and I lost 4 pounds. During the sessions, I was a whining one. Whenever I said “I can’t do it” he encouraged me to complete the routines and modified my exercise for me.

I have had a great experience with EFS and am motivated to continue working out after moving to Malibu California thanks to Tyler!”

~ Somin


Susan Hernandez

“Working with Austin and EFS Personal Training has been a game changer for me. EFS coming to my home is a huge part of why I love training with them, and the boot camps during the summer really helped me meet people! Austin and the other EFS trainers are some of the most professional, knowledgeable, and supportive personal trainers with whom I have ever worked!

Last year I moved to Cleveland for the job of my dreams but developed terrible seasonal depression. I gained over 30 lbs in a matter of months and started developing high blood pressure. Horrible back spasms and sciatica began haunting me from an old back injury. Originally from Texas, I moved most recently from Massachusetts and expected similar winters. Boy, was I surprised! New England still has sunlight with its 13 feet of snow! Starting a new career, trying to meet new people, and navigating my way around another new city really threw me for a loop.

As a dancer, athlete and group fitness instructor, I was no longer teaching classes and I could not get my act together. I had a gym membership I did not use and I was exhausted all the time. The final straw was seeing my mother, a 58 year old professional paratriathlete, qualify for her first Ironman. I had no excuses! Now I am working toward my first triathlon, my body fat ratio has significantly improved, my back pain resolved, and I no longer have high blood pressure! I really consider my workouts preventative medicine and I am stronger than ever.”

~ Susan Hernandez


Daniel Pendergast

Start: Body Fat: 19.8%
Current: Body Fat: 15.1%

“I had a gym membership and a personal trainer in the past, but it was a two and a half hour commitment with the commute to the gym, changing, showering, and actually working out. After taking a few years off I needed to get back in shape.

The team at EFS has been great and my trainer, Paul, constantly revises my workouts both to ensure I continue to progress, and to work around a permanent child-hood injury. Apart from the in-person sessions, Paul keeps in touch throughout the week asking how solo workouts have gone, answering questions, and even sending specialized workouts I can do if I’m traveling and don’t have access to weights. The convenience of having a trainer come to your home cannot be overstated. From flexible workout times to the comprehensive and personalized nutrition and training, the level of service you receive relative to the price is a fantastic value.

In the first two months my body fat has gone from 19.8% to 15.1% and I’ve added an inch to my arms and my chest. I’m continuing to see progress and most importantly I feel great.”

~ Daniel Pendergast


Laurel Galehouse

Lost 87 Pounds

laurel-before-after“I started with EFS about a year ago, but as most, was slow to the race- literally! I was hesitant at first and found excuses to put it off, until I stepped on the scale a couple of months later and weighed the most I ever had in my life. It wasn’t until the summer of 2015 that I became committed and “all in” as Clevelanders would say.

I met with a personal trainer from EFS to officially get started and he developed a program just for me. Life sometimes got in the way of scheduling sessions, but my trainer was always there for me for motivation and encouragement and even sent me workouts to do on my own at home. I’ve worked in Property Management my whole career and most properties I’ve managed have had a gym for the residents.

One of my favorite things about EFS is that they can come to me, which tremendously helps in my busy schedule. Because of this, I try to get them involved in any property I’m at to make them accessible to residents and anyone with a busy schedule like mine. I truly believe if EFS hadn’t came into my life when they did, I never would have made a change.

EFS has taught me discipline, dedication, and commitment; and for that I am forever grateful. I am down 87 pounds now, and although I have a long way to go, I have to remember just how far I’ve come. Everyone starts somewhere, so have faith in yourself and believe that you CAN do it! Not only did I commit to ME, EFS did too!”

~ Laurel Galehouse


Morgan Price

Start: 135 lbs; Body Fat: 19%
Current: 125 lbs; Body Fat: 13%

morgan-priceMorgan started working with EFS Personal Training this past April with the intent of losing weight and toning her body enough to fit comfortably into her favorite pair of jeans.

In 8 months, she lost 10 pounds, 6% body fat and 22 inches over her entire body. She accomplished her goals with the help of high intensity cardio training. Furthermore, she focused on body weight and functional movements to help increase strength and tone up.

“When I began training with EFS back in April I felt like I was doing the same workout every week and wasn’t getting the results I wanted. The workouts I do with EFS change every week and never get boring. On top of that, I’ve lost over ten pounds and have noticed a complete change in my body! I’m lean and toned which are exactly the results I was looking for.

I would definitely recommend EFS training to anyone who is looking for results and are bored with their workouts. They gave me the motivation and workouts to get the results I wanted!”

~ Morgan Price


Regina Baker

Start: 102 lbs; Body Fat: 30%
Current: 106 lbs; Body Fat: 27%

regina-bakerRegina started her fitness journey with EFS Personal Training in May after working out on her own 4-5 days a week with little result. Her major goals were to gain more structure and knowledge about resistance training and achieve full body toning; aiming for more definition in her abs, shoulders, glutes and arms.

Regina’s training regimen involves a combination of circuit and dynamic training and has focused on using resistance bands, dumbbells, medicine balls and body weight exercises. By placing the focus on maintaining proper form and technique, she has increased her lean muscle tissue and reduced her body fat by 3%.

As of today, she has increased one (1) inch on her legs and shoulders, 1.75 inches on her hips/glutes and lost 1/2 inch around her waist.

“During one of my routine workouts at the gym this past May, I was approached by an EFS Personal Training representative named Jose. Jose briefed me about the EFS Personal Training program and its many benefits. As I’ve always been a fan of health and frequent visits to the gym, I never took the time to search for a personal trainer.

Jose’s friendly introduction to this program was perfect timing as my career change allowed me more personal time. After the consultation, I immediately committed to two days of training per week. Jose has changed and continues to change my world! His personal instruction and expertise on training has made a significant difference with my form and he continues to keep me on track.

Completing my fourth month of training, I’m seeing definition and muscle! In addition, not only do I get the two days of dedicated training, but a lifetime of knowledge on the coaching and advice he gives me. Jose is professional, dedicated, and passionate with training his clients. I’m committed to this personal training program and consider adding an additional day as the winter approaches. A big thanks to Jose for working with me on achieving my goals and believing in me! Jose reminds me that anything is possible if you put your mind to it and believe.”

~ Regina Baker


Allen Douglas

Start: 189 lbs; Body Fat: 30%
Current: 164 lbs; Body Fat: 23%

allen-douglasAllen began his health and fitness journey on January 19, 2015 after winning a free year of personal training during his medical staff holiday party. Reluctant at first, he knew he needed to make a lifestyle change.

Allen was diagnosed with heart disease at the age of 45. Over the last 15 years, he’s battled numerous health scares and struggled maintaining a proper diet and exercise regimen. Allen admits his biggest obstacle has been his “complete laziness” and has never considered himself a “go to the gym kind of person.” However, having a personal trainer has held him accountable for his actions.

In the last eight (8) months, Allen has lost over 25 pounds, 12 inches, and 7% body fat, placing him in a healthy range for the first time in decades. He proclaims, “only ten more pounds to go and I will be able to wear my wedding ring, which I haven’t done in at least 20 years!”

Great job, Allen! Keep pushing towards your goals.

“The most valuable information I’ve received from my trainer is the confidence to know I am capable of doing anything. Lauren is such an inspiration to me and I would never have done these workouts on my own.”

~ Allen Douglas


Ashley Kitchen

Start: 147 lbs; Body Fat: 25.6%
Current: 116 lbs; Body Fat: 12.2%

Ashley-Kitchen-350hAshley is such a delightful client. She is outgoing and brings her highly energetic personality to every workout. She is always smiling and laughing but has great focus which allowed her to achieve such incredible results. In four (4) months, Ashley lost over 30 pounds and 19 inches around her entire body. Furthermore, she has lost an impressive 13% body fat.

She now fits into size 2 clothing for the first time in her life and ran a 7:30 minute mile, her fastest time to date. Ashley’s typical weekly workout regime consists of Kickboxing 2x/week, Zumba 1x/week and Resistance Training 2-3x/week.  When she exercises, she is locked in the moment and won’t stop until she has mastered the movement. Ashley puts in all the hard work and dedication it takes to get in shape and maintain it on a daily basis. 

“To be honest I wasn’t sure that I would ever work with a trainer again. It seemed like I couldn’t relate to any trainer and I was getting really frustrated with my fitness level. EFS was definitely a blessing that I wasn’t expecting. Getting to know the team was amazing and their process to find me the perfect trainer was great. Working with Keon it was very clear that he and the team cared about me on a business and personal level. The results I had hoped for, we crushed and the apprehensions I had are gone. I truly consider Keon a friend and EFS a family. They push me, check in on me and keep me motivated to do and achieve things I could not have imagined. I am ready for more!”

~ Ashley Kitchen


Rita Almanassara

Start: 201 lbs; Body Fat: 39.7%
Current: 163 lbs; Body Fat: 32%

rita-almanassaraRita started with EFS during the late winter months and though it is earlier in her journey, she has had some of the best results we’ve seen in such a short amount of time. She truly has demonstrated that when you put your mind to something, anything is possible. We couldn’t be more proud of what she has accomplished thus far and we know the remaining weight and body fat she wants to lose will disappear in a matter of time. To date, Rita has lost a whopping 27 pounds, 7.7% body fat, and more than 25 inches across her entire body!

“The way my lifestyle is, single mother, three children, job at a high profile business and a business of my own on the side, it is almost impossible to find time to get a proper workout. But with my personal trainer from EFS, I have no excuses. They work around my schedule, meet me at my work, and don’t take no for an answer. I feel like I have to give EFS a huge thumbs up! They are very personable, very family oriented and very professional. They not only care about my workout but my nutritional habits and work to motivate me no matter what kind of mood I am in. EFS especially has made it his priority that results are #1. They are the entire package. I find myself much happier and have tons more energy.”

Amazing Job, Rita! Keep shedding those unwanted pounds!

“It‘s much easier to go up and down the stairs now! Thank you EFS!” ~ Maureen, age 69

“Before I enrolled with EFS Personal Training, I had a gym membership for years and worked out occasionally, without much real success. My overall goal was to get toned and build muscle.

After my first EFS consultation, I was still slightly skeptical that I could achieve the results that I wanted with my busy schedule — I even started out at 1 day a month. However, I was impressed with the friendly encouragement during the workouts and the customized workout routines sent to my smart phone. These routines gave me a sense of direction for the path that I wanted to take. Eventually, through diet and following the simple, but effective, routines, I was able to gain 8 pounds of muscle in 6 weeks!

I owe my continuing success to EFS Personal Training and the fact that I see the trainers more as friends than a professional service.” ~ Derek, age 25

“I have had a great experience with EFS. It’s been so convenient for me. My trainer comes to my workplace at 4:30 and works me out. I love it because I don’t have time to make excuses. I am not ready for the gym because I don’t like to work out in front of people, but my trainer makes me feel comfortable even when it is hard for me. I really enjoy my workouts!” ~ Shelly, age 37

“EFS has helped me to lose 29 lbs so far! Not only has my EFS trainer been on time for every visit, but he has been incredibly supportive of my goals! My training program consists of workouts 3 times a week and a training guide for off-days that keeps me challenged. EFS definitely works with you to help you reach your goal weight and lifestyle.

I‘ve tried other fitness programs and haven‘ t had any compare to the EFS Personal Training program. With other programs, I had difficulty maintaining the weight loss and always ended up gaining it back. With EFS, not only do they work with me to lose the weight, but they help me understand how to MAINTAIN it! My EFS Personal Trainer makes my workouts fun and educational, and has really helped me to embrace this life-changing experience!

I began this program at 228 lbs and after 3 months of training, I now weigh 199 lbs! Not only do I have more energy, but I feel great in my clothes! Overall, I love this program and would definitely recommend it to anyone that is interested in personal training!” ~ Katie, age 16

“My original goal was to lose 60 lbs and to run 5 miles. In 2 months, I have lost 18 lbs and can successfully run 5 miles at an 11-minute pace! My new goal is to run 10 miles! Thanks EFS!” ~ Erin, age 33

“After having two children I knew I would need help getting back to my pre-pregnancy weight. In only a couple months of working with my EFS trainer I have lost over ten pounds and I feel more tone all over. The workouts are challenging but I love that I can do them in my own home instead of in a gym.” ~ Lauren, age 32

“We love EFS! EFS training team started working out with my sister and I five months ago. This was a “Big” decision for the both of us because our jobs are so demanding; so working out for the past decade was second to home responsibilities, social, sleep and so on. The best thing that ever happened to us was being introduced to EFS and realizing that we needed to give personal training a chance. Our EFS personal trainer is incredible at motivating you to get into shape: every workout is customized just for you and he switches the workouts up each time. The best thing is that he makes you laugh when you want to be yelling out stop XYZ. Pretty incredible that at the end of just 5 months, I have lost weight, gained muscle definition, and have been taught how to eat healthy balanced meals. Thanks EFS — I will be able to sport my bikini this summer and play some competitive tennis again!” ~ Kiley, age 38

“The timing is perfect; the discipline is great. Here‘s to more vitality!” ~ Anne, age 68