EFS Personal Training has begun a new campaign called AchievE.

This month we are taking a look at our client’s progress. We want to hear what it is that EFS Personal Training has helped you achieve or overcome throughout your health and fitness journey. As we all know, leading a healthy lifestyle is a marathon and not a sprint and everyone has a story to share — we are here as Personal Trainers to be supportive, encouraging and helpful along the way…

Earn an EXCLUSIVE EFS Personal Training AchievE T-Shirt by doing one of the following below:

1. Post the AchievE Logo (above) along with your current profile picture on Facebook for one full week.
2. Refer a friend – you will receive the t-shirt once the FREE health and fitness assessment has taken place!
3. Post a Video Testimonial wearing your new AchievE t-shirt saying, “With EFS Personal Training I have AchievEd…”

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