Buddy Up to Get Better Results

Long-distance runners are notorious for being solo athletes who like logging miles alone. There’s certainly nothing wrong with that approach. But even most pro athletes include training with a coach, running with a group or partner to get better because it works.

If you’ve been exercising on your own without making as much progress as you would like, buddy up to get better results.

Work Off the Weight With a Friend

In a recent study published in the Archives of Internal Medicine, researchers followed 344 people enrolled in a weight-loss program for 24 months. People in the study were encouraged to keep a food journal, get regular exercise, use a pedometer, and participate in group exercise classes and events.

Researchers found that the people who pursued their health and fitness goals with a friend were more likely to lose weight, exercise regularly, and eat healthier, than those who pursued similar goals on their own.

Accountability Makes a Difference

Working out with a friend with similar goals can help you be more accountable for showing up to exercise on time, giving every workout your best effort, and making healthy food choices.

Your support group can also make a big difference when it comes to achieving your health and fitness goals. Your support group may include:

Family and friends
Workout partner
Online social network (a study published in Translational Behavioral Medicine, found that connecting with people via social media and sharing updates on your goals to get healthier improves accountability and results.)
Personal trainer

In fact, the bigger your network for support and accountability, the more likely you are to be successful at losing weight, building muscle, increasing endurance, and achieving your goal to get in shape.

Let’s Take the First Step Together

Creating accountability can have a major impact on your results. It’s so important for success that we created the First Step Together 3 fitness program. We’ll guide you through every workout and help you get your nutrition on track. We’ll also help you leverage the positive influence and power of your peers to help you get better results.

Buddy up, create accountability, and you’ll start to see improvements in weight loss, muscle gain, and motivation. Ready to get started?

Written by Evan Jensen

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