Commit. Achieve. Repeat.

Where do you see yourself in two weeks as far as your health, wellness, strength, conditioning, nutrition or life goals? Where do you see areas to make improvements in your life? What did you say you were going to do, but haven’t started yet? Have you been wanting to make a change, but haven’t made that call to action? What’s stopping you? Is commitment holding you back?

It takes about three weeks to adapt a new habit.  This can be improvement of a skill, elimination of a bad habit, or adopting a good habit. The only way to improve your weaknesses are to practice them, over and over. Commitment is key to your success.

Evaluate your weaknesses or areas necessary of improvement, set a goal on what you wish to achieve or change, write it down, give yourself a deadline, and make the commitment to work towards your improvement or goal each day, even when some days may be more difficult than the others.

Many of us become too comfortable with life and the way things are day in and day out for ourselves.  Each one of us are capable of great things, but we must believe it can be achieved.  Look in the mirror every day and hold yourself accountable for what you wish to improve, the only person you have to compete with in life is yourself.

Commit. Achieve. Repeat.


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