Cool Tips for Exercising in Hot Weather

4 Ways To Beat The Heat And Stay Fit

Last month thousands of fitness-minded people filled the streets near Cleveland’s Edgewater Park and the Quicken Loans Arena. They showed up in droves, dressed in running gear, ready to take on the 26.2-mile Cleveland Marathon and other distances.

Everyone who stepped up to the starting line was there to run their best race, set a personal record, or check one more accomplishment off their bucket list after months of hard work. And if there’s one variable to consider on race day, and exercising outdoors during the summer months, it’s heat.

On race day, temperatures topped 80 degrees, and we’re bound to see a lot more hot and humid days in the Cleveland area in the coming months. If you plan to go for a run, hustle your way through an outdoor bootcamp, or exercise outdoors, follow these tips to keep cool, stay hydrated, and be safe.

1. Drink Up
When you’re pushing through a tough workout in warm weather, you’re going to sweat more as your body tries to control your body temperature. To prevent muscle fatigue and dehydration, drink more water, the American College of Sports Medicine recommends.

Drink some water before you get started. Aim to drink 4 to 8 ounces of water while you’re exercising every 20 minutes. And have some water when your workout is over. Just don’t overdo it. It’s possible to drink too much water and develop a dangerous condition called hyponatremia.

2. Slow It Down
If you exercise outdoors when it’s cooler, you probably feel light on your feet. Step out the door for the same workout on a hot and humid day, and you’ll likely feel the heat take its toll. And that’s OK. Just slow it down a little, and you’ll have enough energy to get through your workout.

3. Plan Workouts in the Morning/Evening

One way to beat the heat and still exercise outdoors during the summer months is to fit your workouts in during the morning or evening. It’s generally a little cooler then, compared to mid-afternoon when temps are the hottest.

4. Wear Cool Clothes
No, we don’t mean the latest in fashion trends. Light-colored and light-weight clothing is best to wear for exercising outdoors when it’s hot. Why? Light-colored clothes don’t absorb as much heat as dark-colored clothing. And loose-fit clothing allows more air to reach your skin to help control body temperature. Protect the rest of your skin with sunblock.

Hot weather doesn’t have to force you indoors to workout. You just have to be smart about planning your workouts in warmer weather.

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Written by Evan Jensen

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