‘Fall’ Back Into Fitness

Take a look around, and you’ll see signs of fall everywhere. The Cuyahoga Valley, between Cleveland and Akron, is popping with bright and brilliant fall colors. The Cleveland Browns football team is gunning for a home-turf win at First Energy Stadium. Mornings are crisp and cool. Summer activity on Lake Erie has dwindled. And every once in awhile, you realize the holidays aren’t that far away.

And that’s a good reason to ‘fall’ back into fitness. Think back to Jan. 1. Maybe you set some New Year’s resolutions for yourself. Or you gave yourself a pep talk that 2016 would be the year you would lose weight, build muscle, get lean, run a race, or tackle an obstacle course challenge.

Make the Most of the 12 Weeks Left in 2016
Then life got in the way. You got busy. Or some other factor seemed to get in the way of really focusing on your health and fitness goals. Sound familiar? It happens. But it’s never too late to get back on track. In fact, you’ve got a full 12 weeks before another year rolls around. If you’ve got a solid plan to follow to help you exercise and eat right, that’s plenty of time to see results in the mirror and on the scale.

Free Classes Until Oct. 21
And we want to help you get there….for FREE. When we launched EFS Personal Training, we hit the road bringing the gym to you. Taking fitness home is still at the heart of our business. But we also recently opened a training studio at 26210 Emery Road Suite #307 in Warrensville Heights. And until our grand opening on Oct. 21, we’re hosting fall-back-into-fitness group classes and workshops for FREE.

Check out the schedule:

Monday – FitCamp (6 p.m.)
Lose fat, build muscle, and burn a ton of calories with this workout that combines resistance exercises and cardio training. No excuses, workout is adaptable for any age.

Tuesday – Workshop: Nutrition 101 (6 p.m.)
Ready to dial in your diet, learn to eat healthier, and ward off cravings without feeling hungry all the time? Our nutrition experts will help you give your diet a makeover, make better food choices, stock up on the right foods, and cook healthier meals.

Wednesday – Yoga (6 p.m.)
Downward Facing Dog, Warrior II, Half Moon, and more. Follow along in our yoga class and learn poses to improve range of motion, flexibility, and breathing techniques. It’s a low-impact form of exercise that can help increase energy, aid in weight loss, prevent injuries, and improve overall health. And did we mention no excuses. Our yoga class is open to all ages.

Thursday – Workshop: Exercise 101 (6 p.m.)
Want to know what it’s like to work with a personal trainer? Have questions about the right way to workout to lose weight, build muscle, or train for a special event. We’ll answer those questions and many others in this workshop to help you achieve your fitness goals.

Saturday – Yoga (9 a.m.)
It’s family-friendly yoga for all ages. And it’s free.

Saturday – FitCamp (10:15 a.m.)
Don’t let the weekend get away without fitting in your FitCamp workout. You’ll crush a ton of calories in this fat-burning workout open to all ages.

We’re changing lives one goal at a time. If you’ve been thinking about getting back on track, want to change up your workout routine, or need some help hitting a health and fitness goal by the end of the year, now is the perfect time to ‘fall’ back into fitness.


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