First Step Together Program

First Step Together 3 (FST-3)

Besides regular exercise and a healthy diet, the most effective fitness and nutrition plans include two other key ingredients: Motivation and accountability.

Strength in Numbers
In a recent study, researchers found that you’re more likely to achieve better results when you pursue health and fitness goals with other people. It’s why we created the First Step Together 3 Program (FST-3). Strength in numbers really does make a difference.

Engage Your Network
Sign up for our FST-3 program, and you’ll get a customized exercise and nutrition plan and on-site training. We’ll also help you engage your network of friends and family for motivation and accountability to help you achieve your personal goals.

Incentives to Achieve Your Goals

Work out, eat healthy, and build your FST-3 network. You’ll get better results, and be rewarded with incentives offered by EFS Personal Training.

Let’s take the First Step Together. For more details about the FST-3 program, contact us today.