Healthy Habits Can Change Your Life

If you’re not satisfied with the way you look, want to get in better shape, or need to lose weight to improve your health, you’re not alone.

It’s something a lot of adults struggle with, including EFS Personal Training Client Roz Quarto.

She’s the executive director for a Cleveland non-profit who decided to get serious about weight loss, working out, and whipping up healthy meals.

Drop Pounds. Lose Inches.
She’s lost nearly 50 pounds, along with 33.5 inches with the help of EFS Personal Trainer Lauren Noe.

Pre-weight loss, she was on a long list of medications, practically confined to a wheelchair, and suffered from recurring back and knee pain.

Now she works out at least four times a week. And she’s graduated from a casual walk in the park to:

  • Four-mile runs
  • 40-minute jump rope workouts
  • Some serious push-up and plank power
  • And weekend boot camps

Want to Know How She Did It?
She followed a customized exercise and nutrition plan designed to help her achieve her goals. But it wasn’t easy. Her journey has included things like:

  • Regular 6 a.m. workouts
  • Fewer high-carb foods like bread, pasta, and rice
  • And snacking on sugar snap peas instead of pretzels and ice cream

Change Starts With You
Roz was a classic yo-yo dieter. But it wasn’t until her dad died suddenly that she was truly ready to make a change to keep the weight off for good. She had to find a reason. And so does everyone else. What’s yours? Change starts with you.

Committing to healthy habits like regular exercise and good nutrition can change your life. But you don’t have to do it alone. Contact us for a free health and fitness assessment to get started. Read more about Roz in the case study: It’s Never Too Late.

Written by Evan Jensen

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