Holiday Gift Guide: Fitness Edition

The countdown to the holidays is on, but if you have Amazon Prime, then you know you still have quite a few more shopping days left until Christmas. If you still have a fitness lover on your list–or you still need to create your own wishlist–then check out this sweet fitness swag.

We’ve put together a health and fitness gift-giving guide for all reasons. Peruse the subject lines below and find the right gifts for your recipient’s wishes.

Wishes for more time:

We all wish we had more time in our day, but if you have a family member or friend who seems even more time-scarce than the rest of us, you might want to give them a gift that helps them save time. Think multifunctional gifts or time-saving gear.

Multitasking dry shampoo and deodorizing wipes save major time during lunchtime gym runs–no shower required. These towel-sized shower sheets allow gym-goers to skip the shower and work out longer, and the essential oils they’re infused with make them smell better than when they left.

Then, your friends can save time on the commute with Athleta’s Caraa x Convertible Backpack which converts from a professional laptop bag to an athletic backpack. They can even make their post-workout breakfast smoothie on the way with the FitMix Pro Portable Blender Bottle.

Wishes to save money:

Think about what your loved one wants to save money on. Is it food? Gym memberships? Entertainment? Then, design your gift around saving them some cash.

If your recipient has cut back on their gym membership, spoil them with a month of boutique classes. Save yourself some moola too by searching for gym or class Groupons in your area. EFS also offers gift certificates for personal training sessions you can treat them with.

If your friend or family member is trying to downsize their food budget, pay for a local CSA program or a service like Farmbox Direct. Otherwise, you could gift them an amazing meal prep lunch cooler to help them get excited about packing healthy meals from home.

A Spotify premium membership is another great gift for a fitness lover who wouldn’t spend the money on it themselves. Then they can get into their groove with ad-free workout tunes.

Wishes to spend more family time:

Workouts can definitely eat up valuable family time, especially if you have to commute to and from a gym. Thankfully, fitness and family don’t have to be mutually exclusive. Encourage active family time with gifts like indoor trampoline or sports park memberships.

Another great gift for families who like to do fitness together is an annual state park pass. Then the whole fam can swim, hike, bike, and explore together. A Wii Fit is another great way to get everyone involved.

Wishes to improve their environment:

Many people like to work out at home, but home workout gear isn’t always that pretty. If your secret Santa has an impeccable home, you can find some pretty fitness-themed gifts that fit right in.

For example, you could frame some cute motivational mantra prints for their home gym. Give them a decorative essential oil diffuser with peppermint oil to give them a workout boost.

The Arete Complete yoga mat towel helps their workout gear blend with their home aesthetic and could even double as a chic rug. No one would know the art-inspired towels actually provide an absorbent, non-slip surface for mat work.

Hopefully this guide gives you some great ideas for a thoughtful holiday season. Each gift serves a valuable purpose your recipient will appreciate, gifts that keep giving long after the last piece of tinsel is swept from the floor.