An Introduction to Weight Loss: Progress Not Perfection

Human beings respond well to positive reinforcement when trying to reach any goal. Sure, anyone can persevere through tough times, but little successes are much better at driving people toward the next goal. Setbacks are a fact of life. Just have a plan for what to do when they occur. This mindset works well for those embarking on a journey to take control of their weight loss and fitness. It is all about making progress from one point to the next, not perfection.

Abandon the Military Mindset

Basic training in the Armed Forces lasts for several weeks, but it does have an endpoint. No one would sign up for a four year hitch of nonstop basic training, so why do people who want to lose weight think that the same rigid approach will work for them? Even professional athletes going through intense training do not sustain that level of training year round. Although anyone desiring to lose weight or get fit does need some discipline, there is no need to train like a raw recruit or heavyweight champion.

Use the Scale Wisely

It makes sense that weight loss can be measured easily with a bathroom scale. However, daily fluctuations of a few pounds up and down are normal. Water weighs eight pounds per gallon. Being properly hydrated one day may look like a weight gain, even though fat has been lost. Also, losing weight goes hand in hand with exercise, and exercise builds muscle. That new muscle is heavier than fat and can appear as weight gain, even as the fat is melting away. Muscles burn more calories at rest and makes the body look lean and fit after the fat is gone.

Personal Trainers Make the Difference

Having someone to provide motivation, help with setting goals, and tracking progress and technique makes all the difference in achieving any goal to lose weight and get fit. Sports teams have coaches to help the teams to succeed in their goals. Personal training accomplishes the same thing for individuals seeking to lose a few or a lot of pounds. Personal trainers spot areas that need to be worked on from specific muscle groups to a person’s mindset. A professional personal trainer can see where clients are at with their goals to lose weight and get fit. Trainers can then formulate a plan to help them reach their goals and more.

Benefits of Personal Training

At EFS Personal Training, trainers meet with clients in their own homes. Expensive gym memberships are not needed. Clients feel more comfortable learning how to get fit and lose weight when they are receiving instruction at home rather than in a public group setting. Professional personal trainers can also help with nutritional choices and the elimination of bad habits that are counterproductive to weight loss goals. Losing weight and getting fit has its emotional ups and downs, and personal trainers have the experience to help their clients get through the plateaus and rough spots in order to reach their weight and fitness goals.

When the moment comes to take control of weight gain and fitness, it is important that long-term success is put ahead of quick short-term gains. Taking control does not have to graph like a stock price making a steady climb. The success graph of life for anyone choosing to lose weight and get fit will have those wonderful peaks, but it will also include some plateaus and dips as well. Getting assistance from an expert helps with not giving up. All of the wins, losses, slumps and holding patterns on the journey to being healthier are to be expected, and a personal trainer helps in persevering through it all.

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