Make Exercise a Priority!

We all know that exercising is good for us, but we may still avoid it at all cost.

It takes many of us longer to make up an excuse to not exercise than it would to put on your tennis shoes and do some type of workout.

It’s not a matter of if we have time to exercise, but a matter of making the time to exercise.

Regular exercise or physical activity offers these key benefits:
1. Controls weight
2. Combats health conditions and diseases
3. Improves mood and stress levels
4. Boosts energy
5. Promotes better sleep

Essentially, exercise does more good than harm.

Aim for at least 30 minutes of a physical activity you enjoy on most days of the week. Go for a walk or run, ride your bike on the towpath, hit the gym for a strength training circuit, or try something new and out of your comfort zone – anything that will get you moving and your heart rate up!

Set goals as to where you want to be, have a plan, stick to it, and prioritize your day with that in mind.

Speak with a health professional or personal trainer for tips on how you can get the most of your workout time based on the goals you wish to achieve.

Make exercise a priority – at the end of the day, you will feel a lot better having gotten your workout in than not!


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