What’s In Your Protein Shake?

For all individuals, it is extremely important that you are getting the proper post-workout nutrition in order to aid in the re-building and recovery of your muscles.

The ideal carbohydrates to protein ratio of a post-workout routine is 3:1. You should aim to get at least 12-24 grams of protein which means the amount of carbohydrates you need ranges from 36-72 grams. A great way to receive the proper nutrients after a workout is through a protein shake.

Here is a simple recipe to try in order to refuel and recovery after your next workout. Mix the following content in a blender & enjoy!

• 4-6oz of Almond Milk (can substitute water or other type of milk depending on what you enjoy)
• 1 scoop of chocolate (or flavor of choice) Whey Protein powder
• 1/2 of a banana
• Tbsp of All-Natural Peanut Butter
• Tbsp of flax-seed (or chia seeds) (added fiber)
• 3-4 ice cubes


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