Set SMART Goals

As personal trainers, it is our job to help our clients set goals and challenge themselves to accomplish new things. When is comes to goal setting for our clients, EFS Personal Training follows the SMART method.

Specific. What exactly is the goal you are trying to achieve? Be sure to give as much detail as possible and write it down.

Measurable. How will you know when the goal is accomplished? Give parameters on how to measure the goal.

Attainable. Do you see yourself accomplishing the goal? Be sure the goal is something you truly wish to put effort into and achieve.

Realistic. Are you willing and able to work towards your goal? Make sure the goal that you set is something you see yourself going after to achieve in order to move yourself forward.

Time-bound. Within what time frame will your goal be accomplished? In order to create a sense of urgency for a goal to be accomplished, a time limit must be placed on it.

What’s your next goal?!

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