The Trick is in the Treat for a Healthier Halloween

Halloween is a day of indulgence that seems to linger for weeks before and after the actual day. Dishes filled with candy corn stare you down at work and store entrances accost you with mega-sized bags of your favorite candy.

Your kids are barraged by the sweet stuff from every angle too. Statistics show the average kid brings home a bucket of candy equivalent to 3 cups of pure sugar. We know you wouldn’t feed your child 3 full cups of sugar, so that’s why we created this healthy Halloween guide so you can bypass some of those sweets.

While we would never want to deprive you of your favorite sweets, we want to help you navigate the sugar extravaganza at the office, in your kids’ classroom, and at your own front door. By setting your family up with healthy treats instead, you can do your part to displace some of that sugar!

Give out healthier Halloween treats

Instead of succumbing to the office sugar bombs placed at what seems like 15-foot intervals, bring some of your favorite seasonal treats to work. Keep a healthy supply of pumpkin seeds and apples in your desk to nosh on when you get those afternoon cravings.

If you need a dish-to-pass for a workplace potluck or your child’s classroom, try one of these clever healthy Halloween snacks made out of ingredients like olives, bananas, or vegetables. Your kids and coworkers will never be so excited to eat green grapes than when they’re dressed up to look like eyeballs!

Then, when stockpiling for trick-or-treating, consider picking up packets of almonds, raisins, granola bars, or unsweetened applesauce instead of candy. Your neighbor kids will still get plenty of candy, but at least you’ll be able to give them a nutritious treat to offset some of the sugar.

Do something productive with all the leftover candy

When your own kids come home with three cups of sugar, you can use some of the leftover candy for creative purposes. In fact, you can even use the candy as educational tools for math, science, and art projects.

Collect all the tootsie rolls you get and practice math problems with your kids or do some science experiments with the pop rocks. Here are 27 candy projects to get you started.

You can also give some of the candy back to community efforts. One way to give back is to make candy bouquets with your kids and deliver them to a local nursing home to brighten up the residents’ days. Some communities also collect candy and send them to overseas troops who miss Halloween through Treats for Troops or Operation Shoebox.

No matter how you decide to celebrate Halloween, you can always make steps in the healthier direction. Whether you trade your Halloween treats for healthier options or donate them to community programs, you can whittle away at that 3-cup pile of sugar and promote your family’s medical (and dental) health.